Thursday, March 12, 2009

by Leah Kim

“My lifestyle changed a lot upon moving halfway across the globe from Santa Monica to Hong Kong. I now live in a very busy city where everyone is constantly on the move, out and about all day long, and usually getting around via public transportation. I no longer have a car trunk to lug around all my belongings and it’s just not feasible to carry my yoga mat with me everywhere.

What I can and always do have with me is my SKIDLESS!

Whether I’m heading out to teach or practice, or hopping on a plane to explore this magnificent continent, I don’t leave home without it. I’ve used SKIDLESS on a sandy beach, a grassy hillside, a carpeted conference room, dusty rooftops, and countless mats. It’s how I create my personal setting (not to mention maintain my personal hygiene!) for my practice no matter w
here I am on this beautiful planet!”

LEAH KIM graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics, but it wasn’t long before she realized her life would be much better spent on the mat than in a cubicl
e. Blessed with Ally Hamilton as her mentor - and greatest inspiration - over the past few years, she has dedicated her life to yoga: to studying, practicing, teaching, living, breathing, surrendering to, and just trying to be yoga. She has also studied and trained with Bryan Kest, Erich Schiffmann, Seane Corn, and Twee Merrigan. After building her teaching foundation in Santa Monica, Leah moved to Hong Kong on an intuitive whim last summer and now teaches at Pure Yoga. She is humbled by and grateful for the opportunity to share her own realizations and discoveries, hoping to help her fellow yogis breathe, move, and flow... open, strengthen, and heal... together enjoying the journey of this ever-brightening path.

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