Thursday, March 12, 2009

by Nora Mangiamele
"I love the ySTRAP!! This is a small prop with a big benefit. Conventional straps are very binding and restricting to me. They also have the long tail at the end after you buckle them up, (which you need a tutorial on how to assemble all the different buckle types)!! The ySTRAP has no “putting together” issues and it has just the right amount of give, so you can strengthen a pose without suffocating a pose. Every time I bring out my ySTRAP while teaching, to demonstrate it’s use in a pose, students always ask me where they can get it and if they can try it. Whoever tries it, buys it. It can be easily tightened or loosened and is also great for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Here are some of the ways I use and teach with the ySTRAP: The Y strap works great around the triceps, and upper, outer arm, in Tripod headstand and in Pincha Mayurasana, forearm balance. These poses can be very “anxiety provoking” for beginners, but by using the ySTRAP it gives the student a firm guide for keeping the elbows and upper arms from bowing out, while strengthening the upper arm and shoulder girdle. In advanced practitioners, it is a constant reminder of uninterrupted power needed in the upper body while adding on advanced variations such as, Karandavasana, and Hanumanasana. For beginners and advanced practitioners the ySTRAP can be used around the quadriceps and ham strings for Urdhva Dhanurasana and Ustrasana. This is a really great tool to remind us that 75% of all back bends are grounded from the legs!!! You will realize how much you are not engaging your legs after doing Urdhva Dhanurasana and Ustrasana regularly with your ySTRAP. Trust me, you will be reminded the next day!!! One of my favorite poses to introduce the ySTRAP with is Natarajasana, dancer’s pose. I have not had a student yet, who has not gotten this pose by using the ySTRAP. That tiny bit of give in the ySTRAP is that tiny bit that takes students to the next level to get the full shoulder rotation and to feel what it is like to be in this auspicious pose!!! It is quite magnificent to watch first timers get in this pose they never thought possible. The ySTRAP is durable, has the cool orange color and it is small enough it can fit in your pocket. It is a great overall prop to take with you to every class. So, no excuses!! Use this hip little prop to enhance and bring out the beauty of your yoga practice.

NORA MANGIAMELE RYT is a one of a kind yoga instructor. Her love and passion for the art of yoga, shines through in every class she teaches. Her humor and eclectic music encourages everyone to strive further than they ever thought possible. Nora’s classes are truly an experience that
will leave you confident, humbled and inspired. Each experience with Nora is physically challenging, musically freeing and spiritually honest. Whether you take a class, a workshop or go on a retreat with Nora, you put yourself in a place experiencing your greatest potential. Her current influences are Dharma Mittra, David Williams and Shiva Rea.

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